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Genneper Molen Race

Genneper molen

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The largest and most accessible slalom race of the Netherlands is undoubtedly the Genneper Mill Race in Eindhoven. Each year the competition is held in September, since 1970! The competition consists of a course at light running water, with the addition of a chute and some current in the outflow behind the mill. Unique is the night slalom on Saturday evening. Then, in artificial light and witch decorated boats the team race is held. In recent years, also held a downriver sprint race and the Dutch championship for schoolchildren is held. In general, At the Genneper Mill: the crazier the better: there are classes for polo boats duo topolino's parent- child games and so on.

Race Genneper Molen
Where? Eindhoven, Genneperweg 143, 5644 RS Eindhoven
When? 18 and 19  September 2021 (subscribe before september 4)
Fee Individueel €10,- (Subscribtion after september 2th will cost €15,-)
Short description The race is held on The Dommel River. It's a traditional end of the season race and the largest slalom race of the Netherlands with over 200 starts.
Für wen? Easy water, ww I-II Everyone can take part.
Link Old Website: Genneper Molen Wedstrijd this site might not be maintained well.

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The organisation is done by the commitee of canoe slalom in the Netherlands in cooperation with the clubs that have slalom activities.

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Registration on Kanoslalom.nl.

This year it's possible to register via Kanoslalom.nl. Below you will find the registration form and you can pay directly by Ideal , Sofort , PayPal or bank transfer. You can fill in the form directly, but if you first create an account here and enter your data in your profile, then most fields are preset for you already. You do not have to re-enter your name , year of birth, club and the license number. The form is for the German guests in German, and there is an English and Dutch version available as well. If something does not run quite well , please email us, we will try to solve it!

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Deze website is zuiver informatief en kan niet gebruikt worden het enige leermiddel of enige bron om de kano(slalom)sport te leren kennen of te beoefenen. Kanoslalom kan fysiek belastend zijn. Trainingsadviezen zijn slechts een aanwijzing, raadpleeg deskundige trainers of medici in geval van twijfel aan je persoonlijke fysieke mogelijkheden.

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